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That is the biggest tomato I've ever grown. About 6" inches across and a deep reddish-pink, I plan to bake/stuff it for lunch.

The garden these days is in tatters and I'm embarrassed to take photos of it. The grass is knee high and the tomato plants look like they've been bathing in acid, many of the leaves yellow and withered. The fruit however is slowly turning red, and orange, the cucumbers are finally finished (I still had 8" ones in late August), and the hot peppers are still kicking with lots to pick. I decided not to plant arugula, having lost my appetite for plant care. The African basil is absurdly large and making for some great flower arrangements in the kitchen.

Concord grapes grown in abundance on the fence, tart and refreshing after a warm day. Zinnas grow in the plot next to mine, a colorful and welcome presence. There's a garden party thanks to Laura this Thursday.


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