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Still kicking in October

garden slowly expiring

It may be the month of all things autumn, but the garden isn't ready to call it quits just yet. The tomatoes eeked out bunch of green ones when I wasn't paying attention - so I may have to bring those in soon before the frost gets them. I pulled out all the shallots which are yummy. The basil is pretty much done, as is the oregano. The sage and hot peppers are still going strong, and even the red peppers are growing a few...maybe the best of the year. Fianlly, the scallions are just about picked out, and the cosmos are wasting away one by one, stalk by stalk. Sadness fills the air - and soon I will be hacking it all down, cleaning up whats left, and putting plans together for next year's layout. So glad I hooked up with the community gardens, it's been a great first year.

dying cosmos

big green tomatoes

parting garden shot


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