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Layout 2009

With my CSA over and some spring warming, I've started to get ready to rock the garden and plan a layout. I reviewed my "what to plant/what not to plant" notes from last year, and re-learned a few things I forgot.

Lately, the weekends have been rain-drenched garden poopers. While it was supposed to only rain this morning, its nearly 5pm and it's still raining. I took advantage of the crap weather by going to Whole Foods and Pemberton to buy some seed packets. Here's what I got:

Seeds for spring

- 2 Organic Mesclun Salad Mix
- 1 Organic Cascadia Bush Snap Peas (edible pods)

- 1 Burpee "Super Snappy" Peas (edible pods)
- 1 Burpee Scallions "Onion, Evergreen Long White Bunching, Mild Scallion Flavor"

It should be interesting to see which of these seed packets grow better, or taste better, or if there's any difference at all. I also have some Arugula from last year I will plant from seed, as well as red onion seedlings.

Apparently my first year of growing green onions were from a Miracle Grow seed packet. They were the best and biggest scallions I ever had. I should go find some more of those, maybe H.Depot has them?


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