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Garlic is up, peas and lettuce are in.

Newly Planted (both from Whole Foods):
- 1 seed packet of Cascadia Bush snap peas
- 1 seed packet of Mesclun salad mix

Visited the garden briefly today. The garlic sprouted and are looking hardy at 7 to 8 inches high. The dill and cilantro are starting to sprout too, all over the garlic space actually. I threw some compost down, dug up and raked out the right front side. There were lots of large worms enjoying the soil, one was so huge I gasped and jumped back slightly when i saw it. Afterwards, I stamped it down a bit and erected 2 towers of peas and planted 4 rows of loose leaf lettuce.

Soon I'll plant some onions seedlings in the garden. This year I'll try growing scallions in a bowl on the porch (where the weeds aren't as ferocious).

For the fall, I have a 1.5 packages of peas leftover and 2 lettuce seed packets.


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