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Aphids, oh my!

Garlic harvest

The garden:
After being absent during the 2 week rain deluge I came back to discover a blossoming garden of aphids! They're all over the tomatoes, squash, and even the cucumbers. Some plants seemed more effected than others, but I'll be sure to spray them down with a soapy mixture to keep them off (apparently they dislike nasturtiums and mint).

I didn't notice the aphids at first glance, and picked 3 of the garlic heads that seemed ready to go. I also clipped the tall scapes that grow out of the garlic plants. I picked some lettuce and weeded that area again. It's suddenly being taken over by the giant summer squash plant, which I didn't put there. I don't mind it, I just don't really eat squash... at least not until this year.

The dill is starting to bloom, the cilantro is toast, and the basils are doing well. The lemongrass is toughing out the wet and relatively cool weather. The beans are seem to be enjoying the rain, are getting taller and are just about to sprout little baby beans.

The neighbor's garden is getting funkier by the visit. Mop handles, coat racks, metal curtain rods... you are not safe from becoming a part of Osgood Too! The choices seem to be working out nicely for the gardener.

Neighbor's garden

The porch:
Today I ate one delicious strawberry, and had to throw 2 away due to mold (darn rain). The scallions are doing well in the bowl, growing to 12" in height. They are not particularly thick, but the bulbs aren't round like years past so that's a plus!

Upon returning home, I whipped up an garlic scape pesto which was delicious, except I couldn't eat most of it since I can't chew cud. I should have cut the garlic scapes sooner, as they were too tough to eat, even where pureed (I think some cows would have enjoyed them):

Garlic Scape Pesto
Serves Two

1/2 lb fresh garlic scapes
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 large pinch of salt
black pepper
1/3 cup walnuts
2 tbsp oil
lemon juice to taste

- Chop the scapes into 1 inch long pieces.
- Add 2 tbsp oil to a heated pan and add the scapes.
- Add salt, pepper, and pine nuts and saute for a few minutes over medium high heat until the scapes begin to soften and the nuts turn golden brown.
- Add immediately to the work bowl of a food processor and add remaining 2 tbsp oil.
- Blend well until a smooth paste forms.
- Add more salt or some lemon juice to taste. This will coat 1/2 lb of pasta.


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