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Hot weather and bean seeds

Bean planting in May

Trip to Mahoney's & Pemberton
My annual pilgrimage to Mahoney's was fairly uneventful, going alone this time and only picking up a 2 Brandywines, 1 Red Cherry, 1 African & 1 Italian Basil, 1 Lemongrass, and 1 Tarragon. I also picked up a packet of green bean seeds for planting. They seem to be cleaned out (or not carrying) any multi-pack veggies, which makes for an expensive seedling shopping experience.

I then visited Pemberton and picked up a 6-pack of Marketmore Cucumbers, La Roma plum tomatoes and Early Girl Tomatoes.

Identifiers from Mahoney & Pemberton seedlings

Bean planting in May

Newly Planted (seeds from Mahoneys):

- 1 seed packet of Bush Green Beans (garden)

The garden:
While it may be a little late to plant green beans, I had space where the peas used to be and I decided not to plant the infamous Garden Salsa hot peppers this year since i still have tons in the freezer. The beans looked like uncooked red beans only marbled in color. I planted about 18 seeds, 6 inches apart. These are self-supported bean plants, so no trellising needed. (I noticed another neighbor's pea plants were eaten by birds, it looked like 2 or 3 survived.)

After planting I watered down the garlic, onions, dill, cilantro and mixed lettuce and the new bed of beans. I look forward to planting the tomatoes and basil next week. Also, a new lock was added to the garden door. So now only spry fence hoppers will be able to steal our veggies.

Mixed lettuce


The porch:
The strawberries are flowering enthusiastically both on the balcony (more so) and on the front door porch.

Strawberries flowering

The green onions are coming along, though they look a little skinny and waifish. This reminds me that I need to buy some organic fertilizer to "juice" my potted veggies.


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