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May flowers, pea problem

Strawberry flowers

The porch:
The strawberries and green onions on the porch are doing very well, despite the lack of rain and my lack of memory. The strawberries on the doorstep aren't growing quite as fast, but I'm leaving them there to see what happens in the end (will the berries be smaller, grow longer into the season, will it matter much at all?)

Burppe green onions in bowl

Strawberry on doorstep

The garden:
The mesclun lettuce, garlic and onions are coming along just fine.

Garden in full

Mesclun lettuce mix


The peas, however, may not make it. Not sure what the deal is , but I seem to have no luck with peas.
UPDATE: After a little bit of reading, I think the culprits are sparrows eating the tender leaf tips, leaving me with stubby and leafless pea shoots.

Pea problem

Unknown plant (seed escapee from neighbor across the way)

Left side: Garlic, dill, onions

Right side: Lettuce and peas

Garlic and watering pot


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