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Garden overhaul, spring planting

Finished as of now

Newly Planted (all from Pemberton):
- 2 6-pks of yellow & red onions
- 2 3-pks of strawberries (porch)
- 1 seed packet of Burpee green onions (porch)

The garden was in disarray as I uprooted it adding compost, a brick border and onions to the plot.

When I first arrived, I double-checked the water in Osgood Too which was not turned on. I went over to the other garden, got their water going and filled up 2 watering cans which I carried over to my plot. In order to get the compost from the end of the street to my lot, I grabbed a lawn bag and filled it about 1/4 full. I carried it back and dumped it on top. Though I used a spade to churn up most of the soil, I also grabbed a rake from Osgood, and used my new Franken-Hoe which worked like a champ!

Onions (yellow and red)

In the middle of all this, I remembered about the wheel barrel and borrowed the unlocked one to carry over some leftover white bricks (thanks to Laura). It made for a quick and more permanent border on both sides, and I'm now able to use the stakes that were my previous border markers. Finally I planted my 12 onions plants (picked up from Pemberton). I also met Bryan, a neighboring gardener originally from Utah, who borrowed the wheel barrel after me.

Strawberries in pot on porch

At home, I planted 2 pots of strawberries (4 plants) and a big bowl of scallions. Since I grow them by seed and they mix in easily with weeds, I thought putting them on the porch far and away from weeds was a brilliant idea. We'll see if that's the case, though it may be a bit hot for them there. I might also plant some under the tomatoes later in the year.

Mixed loose-leaf lettuce

Snap peas

Checking in on the plants from last week, the peas are spouting and the lettuce is too, yay! I have to suppress the dill and cilantro in the left front, but I'll keep a section just behind the garlic as a small free-growing section.

After 3 hours in the garden and some time at Pemberton with my discount card, the day was a success! The minuses was the major dirt in my shoes and a sunburn on the back of my arms (I knew that was going to happen, but I did nothing about it - duh).


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