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Holy squash

Overflowing plate

I visited the garden on a lark and discovered I haven't gotten rid of the aphids, and the squash plant was planning on taking over Osgood Too. I was able to reverse the squash's evil plans, but the aphids carry on destroying the weak links of my tomato plants (the romas & cherries look like they'll hold their own).

First big garden bounty

I peeked under the squash plant during the tense negotiations and found what appeared to be a giant yellow submarine, but no, it was just an hugely-grotesque summer squash fruit. Yikes! I twisted it off the vine and picked another large squash, and left a little baby one to get a bigger & meaner. I guess I know what I'll be grilling for lunch tomorrow.

From the land of the giants...

I was happy to find lots of healthy and tasty green beans. They are hard to pick off, but worth the effort. The basil is enjoying the heat, and the cherry plant is flowering like crazy. I have one cucumber under all those vines, but I left it to get a little bit bigger. I picked a few red onions though it seemed early, but the tops were down and I didn't want them to rot. The yellow onions look like they'll be huge come harvest time. The garlic is all picked and cured. I hope to roast that along with the onions and yellow submarine. The ˘ is very tall, and just starting to form green seeds. It looks lovely as it sways in the breeze.

Serious squash slices for roasted veg casserole


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