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September Summer

The air is cool & the sun is slanting in the sky as it rises for the day....signs that fall is on the way. There are still many tomatoes on the vine - some green, some orange, none of them ready just yet. I picked about 20 ripe ones yesterday, as well as a few bell peppers that somehow survived the pepper plague nmany others succummed to.

I pulled the cilantro out - seeded the area with its own seeds, we'll see what happenens next spring. I also pulled the dill out, but kept the seeds for myself. The green salsa peppers are still kicking - lot sand lots of those this year - even the jalepeno, the one that looked like it would never make it, has produced a few peppers.
I cut back the chives, and the onions are still teasing their way up. The green onions are almost gone now - can't believe they lasted all summer! And the cosmos are huge - taller than I - maybe 6.5 feet now!