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Land of the ginormous cucumbers

Cherry tomatoes, green salsa peppers and cucumbers.

Shapes and sizes


First bounty from 7/21

Raspberries, cuke and green salsa peppers.

Cuke and neighbor.


Getting the grow on

Thank goodness for over the counter, pain-relieving drugs. You wouldn't have known my stiff neck brought me to tears just one day previous as I watered and pulled weeds in the garden this afternoon. I felt like an old lady in a prescription drug commercial; all sore and in pain one day, but after some over-dubbed sales talk and drug swallowing, she's stooping down to garden, smiling and clutching a bottle of miracle pills in one gloved hand, cut flowers in the other.

I was feeling so spry I jumped over the fence per my usual Dukes of Hazard style. After glancing around, I noticed the raspberries were already turning dark pink and my cucumbers were growing right throught the fence, and were a bit parched. I watered everything down, restaked some tomatoes that were falling over, and pulled a few stray cilantro plants.

Everything seems to be growing very well, and the heat this week should only add to the spurt.

Tomatoes are abudant and light green, lots of flowers still blooming too. By the time I left, the cucumbers perked up considerably and a gusty winds blew in from the northwest.