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Lettuce is in

Lettuce is in, as well as garlic scapes. Time to make salad and give lots away:)
Gave my brother the radish which he seemed to enjoy. Lettuce has been to Karen's, mom's and my own fridge thus far. I really like the mix of green lettuces I got this year, except I might get one without arugula in it (and just get a packet of arugula separate from the other greens). It seems the arugula grows taller and grabs all the sun away from the smaller red and green lettuces. The mix is tasty, but I need a little more greens and reds to go with the spicy arugula.

The beans are growing nicely, the onions are getting plumper and the garlic is looking a little better, though not nearly as strong looking as last year.

The tomatoes are looking small and a bit weak, and something ate the tops off them a little while ago (birds?). The taxi tomato is looking great however, which was the biggest of them all before getting planted. Mainly it's the Romas that are looking kinda sad and tiny... hopefully they'll perk up in warmer weather.

The 2 basils and hot pepper are doing well. I plucked a few flowers off the pepper to see if the plant would grow bigger first, then get to the flowering. And the cukes are off to a great start...

Lettuce Bed


Lettuce Flowers

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Giant Radish & Garlic scapes

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