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Garden overhaul, spring planting

Finished as of now

Newly Planted (all from Pemberton):
- 2 6-pks of yellow & red onions
- 2 3-pks of strawberries (porch)
- 1 seed packet of Burpee green onions (porch)

The garden was in disarray as I uprooted it adding compost, a brick border and onions to the plot.

When I first arrived, I double-checked the water in Osgood Too which was not turned on. I went over to the other garden, got their water going and filled up 2 watering cans which I carried over to my plot. In order to get the compost from the end of the street to my lot, I grabbed a lawn bag and filled it about 1/4 full. I carried it back and dumped it on top. Though I used a spade to churn up most of the soil, I also grabbed a rake from Osgood, and used my new Franken-Hoe which worked like a champ!

Onions (yellow and red)

In the middle of all this, I remembered about the wheel barrel and borrowed the unlocked one to carry over some leftover white bricks (thanks to Laura). It made for a quick and more permanent border on both sides, and I'm now able to use the stakes that were my previous border markers. Finally I planted my 12 onions plants (picked up from Pemberton). I also met Bryan, a neighboring gardener originally from Utah, who borrowed the wheel barrel after me.

Strawberries in pot on porch

At home, I planted 2 pots of strawberries (4 plants) and a big bowl of scallions. Since I grow them by seed and they mix in easily with weeds, I thought putting them on the porch far and away from weeds was a brilliant idea. We'll see if that's the case, though it may be a bit hot for them there. I might also plant some under the tomatoes later in the year.

Mixed loose-leaf lettuce

Snap peas

Checking in on the plants from last week, the peas are spouting and the lettuce is too, yay! I have to suppress the dill and cilantro in the left front, but I'll keep a section just behind the garlic as a small free-growing section.

After 3 hours in the garden and some time at Pemberton with my discount card, the day was a success! The minuses was the major dirt in my shoes and a sunburn on the back of my arms (I knew that was going to happen, but I did nothing about it - duh).


Garlic is up, peas and lettuce are in.

Newly Planted (both from Whole Foods):
- 1 seed packet of Cascadia Bush snap peas
- 1 seed packet of Mesclun salad mix

Visited the garden briefly today. The garlic sprouted and are looking hardy at 7 to 8 inches high. The dill and cilantro are starting to sprout too, all over the garlic space actually. I threw some compost down, dug up and raked out the right front side. There were lots of large worms enjoying the soil, one was so huge I gasped and jumped back slightly when i saw it. Afterwards, I stamped it down a bit and erected 2 towers of peas and planted 4 rows of loose leaf lettuce.

Soon I'll plant some onions seedlings in the garden. This year I'll try growing scallions in a bowl on the porch (where the weeds aren't as ferocious).

For the fall, I have a 1.5 packages of peas leftover and 2 lettuce seed packets.


Next year is here!

Layout 2009

With my CSA over and some spring warming, I've started to get ready to rock the garden and plan a layout. I reviewed my "what to plant/what not to plant" notes from last year, and re-learned a few things I forgot.

Lately, the weekends have been rain-drenched garden poopers. While it was supposed to only rain this morning, its nearly 5pm and it's still raining. I took advantage of the crap weather by going to Whole Foods and Pemberton to buy some seed packets. Here's what I got:

Seeds for spring

- 2 Organic Mesclun Salad Mix
- 1 Organic Cascadia Bush Snap Peas (edible pods)

- 1 Burpee "Super Snappy" Peas (edible pods)
- 1 Burpee Scallions "Onion, Evergreen Long White Bunching, Mild Scallion Flavor"

It should be interesting to see which of these seed packets grow better, or taste better, or if there's any difference at all. I also have some Arugula from last year I will plant from seed, as well as red onion seedlings.

Apparently my first year of growing green onions were from a Miracle Grow seed packet. They were the best and biggest scallions I ever had. I should go find some more of those, maybe H.Depot has them?