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Vacation return harvest

Finally, a year I come home from vacation and I actually have tomatoes... maybe this delayed rainy start isn't all that bad? (actually the squash plant might have some sort of fungus - some of the squashes are dying and the plant has powdery splotches on a few leaves). Otherwise, the plant is ginormous, taking over the sidewalk and still fruiting.


Monster squash plants eats the sidewalk

The cucumbers are still plentiful, though small and fat... almost stunted. The romas are doing great, as are the cherries. I even got two Brandywine and an Early Girl, which oddly, are the least mature.

Garden view


Cherry plant

The lemongrass grew about a foot since I left, the basils are big and the onions are starting to sprout flowers so I better use them up soon. The green beans are flowering again, I wonder if I'll get more?

Lemongrass and basils

Bee on the basil