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Weed Central

So I forgot to bring my camera again, you'll have to put up with my drawing in the meantime. Trust me, it's a jungle over there. Since we clearly don't buy enough hay for everyone to keep the weeds at bay, its a weed pulling party every time I arrive to water. Maybe I'll get up off my arse and buy some hay and quit complaining, but right now it's more likely that I'll just complain. I'm hoping it gets too hot for weeds and they'll just give in. I'm piling the remains along the sides of my garden to show them who's boss - but it doesn't seem to be doing much good - they just keep growing.

Speaking of growing, the veggies are doing well with the sudden 90-97 degree heat we've had the past few days; the tomatoes I planted - plus the new zebra? i think) are producing little babies, the basil (thai and genova) is looking healthy and the peppers look like teenage boys, all tall and lanky. The cucumbers (hybrid) are out of control, little feelers latching on to everything except the stakes I put in for that purpose. I put in some smaller ones today - they're able to wrap around those a bit better.

The green onions are losing the weed-fighting battle, although I rip as much out as I can in that area when I visit. I also tend to rip green onions out along with the weeds, but they seem to survive the replanting process. The dill looks like a carpet of soft furr I'd love to roll in, if only it were a bigger patch. The wild cilantro is 3.5 ft tall and has already bolted & bloomed.

The wildflowers in back are mostly cosmos and sweet peas, some other flower is growing well in there too - seems like it's about to blossom. I may have ripped out some wildflowers unknowingly, its hard to tell what's a weed and what's a wildflower in the early stages... and I'm a little overzealous in pulling out unknowns. I have to remember to hold back on the wildflower watering, I'm told they 're best when left alone and even ignored (especially the cosmos).