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Time to plant the donuts

It's warm again - headed into the 90's today - a bit warm for late May but I'll take it, since I just planted tomatoes and other warm-weather plants in my garden. Tony and I went to Mahoney's and Pemberton Farm yesterday to pick up seedlings, seed packets and flowers. The place was hopping with retirees, stay-at-home moms, and work-from-home (but not right now) types (me & Tony).

I picked up 4 brandywines, 1 red rose, & 1 cherry tomato plant, as well as 2 basil plants, 6 green salsa peppers and seed packets for green onions, dill, wildflowers and cosmos. I also got some cucumber plants and sweet pea flower vines, rosemary, kentucky colonel mint, and a hanging plant for out front.

I returned to my garden after lunch as planted and watered and laid hay over everything. I kept the onions and cilantro that was growning on its own - dill was sprouting but I uprooted it to make room for other plants...I have seeds for that anyways. I still have room for one more tomato plant, so I'll buy and plant one soon if not today.

I forgot to put stakes in yesterday, so I put those in this morning. All set to grow!