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Personal Garden Tour

Tony came by to harvest some spring onions and hot peppers - I thought it would be a good idea to take some photos of myself in the garden -- for sense of scale, and since I have yet to get a shot of myself in it. Tony kindly obliged - with more photos than I even knew he was taking!

Hopping over fence - 'dukes of harzard" way of getting in

Everybody loves dill

Looking for basil

Why does basil get all crinkly after a month or so - i dunno.

Tall plants, short girl


Very excited about peppers...

Some story about the Cherokee's that kicked the bucket

Still talking about tomatoes

Can't get enought dill

Isn't it something!

Contemplating about next year's placement

Scenic sunset in Summahville

The weeding never ends...


Who wants scallions?

The garden has grown better than my wildest garden dreams. I have more green onions than I know what to do with. I just give them out to my garden neighbors, Tony, Sajid, Mom & Dad, the roommates, and just about anyone else I can hand them to. If only the turtle ate scallions, he wouldn't be so hungry.

Here are some photos, and even a movie (viewed mostly sideways - so they're not as fun to watch as I hoped). I'll work on that for the next video set.

Front View

Side View

Walking In

Front Row and Osgood St

The dill is over 5 feet tall now...

The only space I can stand in really...

Dill, glorious dill.

Salsa Hot Peppers - about 5-6 inches long so far

Cosmos and bell pepper plants below

Tomato Plants - those stakes are 6 feet high - more like 5 feet since they're stuck in the ground - so those'em tomatoes are taller than I...

Tomato close-up - brandwine heirloom still green

Bell peppers close up - still green - about 4-5 inches so far


Cosmo close-up

Looking back at the dill and sage

Today's scallion harvest

Scallion close-up

Also, basil, hot peppers, and raspberries

Movies: Garden Movie I
You will need to turn your head sideways for the first 2 parts of 3 - I'm working on NOT doing that next time:)


Cherokee Purple takes the low road

Another lovely, early morning of gardening...but it turned a bit sour when I noticed mites, or maybe aphids, on the Cherokee Purple tomato plant. It was the only plant (aside from the frostbitten bad) that looked like it might keel over soon enough. It wasn't dead, at least not yet. The pests were all over the plant, and starting to spread to 2 other plants, so I decided to nip it in the bud and upheave the plant altogether. It's too bad, I was looking forward to purple tomatoes, but not at the cost of having to remove all those pests...and maybe other plants getting caught up in the madness. The plant looked pretty bad from the get-go anyhow. The good thing about removing the plant is the 4th pepper plant will be getting some more sun, now that the Cherokee isn't towering above it.

Speaking of pests, the peppers have something trying to eat at the leaves, but it's not that bad right now...some kind of flying bug or beetle I suppose. Everything else is clam-happy, even the cosmos are budding. I harvested a few more taxi tomatoes and a huge bunch of green onions. I ran into one of the gardening neighbors, and made sure I got a handful of fresh raspberries from the communal shrub before leaving for home.


The garden is bustin...

The garden this Friday - July 15th - 2005

Everything is growing at full speed. The tomatoes are growing strong - have flowered and formed some small green baby tomatoes already. The peppers, to my surprise, are growing with vigor, as you can find a handful of green peppers under each plant. The one remaining cilantro plant is flowering nicely, the sage and oregano are out of control, the chive plant is chillin', and the dill is heading for the stars. The green onions are impressive, and tasty to boot. The basil is coming along nicely, and I picked one taxi tomato already. The cosmos have not flowered yet, so I'm not sure if thats ok, or if they are a little late. I am careful not to really water them at all - just letting the rain take care of them.

The onion plant I cut back, removing all the crazy mid-level onions that were growing in mid-air. I see a few onions underground, trying to pop to the surface, so thats' good news.(08/15/05 - feeling pretty silly looking back at this - as I now know this is not a weird thing that happened, but that this onion plant is supposed to grow this way - duh! The other ones growning more normally are a more common type of I know.)

The weather has been hot, lots of sun , and not much rain. I am watering about every 3 days or so. The communal raspberries are growing swell, a nice treat after gardening in the morning. The weeds are mostly non-existant these days, thanks to some extra hay and not much rain. Everyone's gardens are looking fine, and the grapes are going to be a nice treat sometime next month I hope. I also planted the habernero, hopefully it will do well in the spot the cilantro keeled over.

side view

dill plant gone crazy...

About to transpant this little habernero from Tony....

Peppers are doing swell, cosmos are getting tall, no flowers yet...

The first (and out of focus) taxi tomato to pick

There are those peppers again, can't believe how well they are doing

Peering into the garden center...

Straight on view...

Under the green salsa peppers...I picked (and ate) one the other day - hot hot!

Looking into the Celebrities...

Cilantro gone to seed and flowers - the seeds will come in handy later...

Onion and green onions, green onions are perfect for picking now - delicious and so fresh!

Dil flowering...

One of those Red Beauties - still green and only a few inches so far

Lookin up at the dill and Somerville Osgood neighborhood

Looing up at the Celebrities...

My bounty today - going easy on the green onions since I just picked about 30 the other day.

Grren onion on the composter

Right side view, before leaving garden.