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Next year

Now that my garden is done for the season, I'm thinking about next year and I want more diversity!
- For one, I want:
- Non-heirloom & heirloom tomatoes, including cherries and globe tomatoes.
- A few red potato plants
- More lettuce types (arugula and romaine)
- Some beans, maybe some peas (if I can get them to grow this time)
- Some mint and tarragon, plus dill and cilantro
- I've got to grow the african basil again, as well as the nasturtium (both could go on the porch, with another basil in the garden)
- Garlic, onions and scallions
- I'm going to have to dig up the far right corner and dump in all new soil, since everything dies over there


Uprooting the Garden - Planting Garlic

I went to the garden with one garlic bulb in hand, ready to uproot my very weedy garden and plant some garlic. I broke the bulb apart into 6 big cloves and planted each one root-side down in the front left part of the garden. I put up a little barrier to let other know not to step there.

I also uprooted everything in the garden, except the still beautiful African Basil. I couldn't kill the thing, as bees were enjoying it... and it looked so pretty. I picked the last of the peppers, and made several debris piles and scattered them throughout the garden.

Guess that's it. Over 2 gallons of hot peppers in the freezer will keep me from buying any at the grocery store for a good long time.