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More bounty

Today's pluckings

Ah the sight of ripe tomatoes on the vine! Harvested a bunch of brandywine's today along with basil to bring to a friend's BBQ, also some zebra stripes, a jet star, scallions and hot peppers. The scallions on the left side of hte garden are from a different seed packet then the ones on the right side. The left ones are all squirrely and curly on the green parts, with big onion bulbs at the bottom. The right side are more typical - I think those were the Burpee seeds. The brandywines were delicious with basil, fresh mozzerella cheese, basil flavored olive oil & dried oregano on top.


Back from vacation and I still have tomatoes

Garden View

Today's Bounty - My first 2006 tomatoes

Finally a little heat gave the tomatoes some get-up-and-go. Hopefully there will be lots more sunny days, and warm ones, because as far as I can tell, things are maturing on the late side this year. Not surprising with all the rain and cool weather in June. The Green Zebras, being green, were left on the vine by my helpful friends who watered my garden while I was gone. Looking forward to eating them, I wonder if my brain will trick me into thinking they taste unripe...?

Crazy peppers

The jalepeno plants are especially strange - they're huge and very light green - they don't look much like jalepenos. Most of the other tomatoes are green - but healthy in size so its just a matter of time. Lemongrass is growing tall - but I dont know if it will be big enough to harvest by the end of August. The scallions are plentiful but smallish - the basil & oregano are huge, the thai basil is getting big but the leaves overall are small. The dill is short and sad, but I still love to see it in the garden.


Big upset - the cosmos haven't flowered at all. Not sure what the deal is. Too much rain early - not enough later - no idea what happened. All I have is stalks of cosmo fluff with no blossoms, except for the ones that sprouted up from last year's seeds that, against all odds, made their way to bloom-dom.

Garden View