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What's with the weeds?

I seem to have a weed issue. Maybe it's the rain, maybe I should have put the hay down earlier...whatever it's driving me nuts. It seems I go to the garden, pull up weeds for 1 hour, and go home...every 2 or 3 days. I have grass (very hard to pull out), some kind of attractive plant that spreads out wide and flat (easy to pull), and other variants of the above. I guess I can let up from the muscle-building leg squats, seems I do plenty in the garden (I may also be giving an interesting show to the Osgood St neighbors).

Someone busted the back of the tool box a few weeks back, though it still locks and nothing's missing that I can tell. I'm not sure why someone would punch (guessing) the back of a box that contains a shovel and some expired wildflower seeds.

The Osgood raspberry bush had some ripe berries to pick the other day, and I had some in my cereal this morning - delicious. Nothin to harvest from my garden yet with the exception of basil. The cosmos on Summer street have flowered, but not mine, not yet.


Who added the grow juice?

Holy Heck!

The garden exploded over the last few weeks - what will all the rain, and now the heat...or maybe it's been a while since I visited? I didn't really have to since the rain took care of the watering issue.

So it looks like the tomatoes are doing well, jalepenos are coming along too. The cilantro is way past due as is the oregano. The dill and lemongrass are very slow this year - I suppose I kinda killed the dill by accident a few weeks back (I dug it up without realizing it)- I thought it would rebound but, guess not.

Jalepenos growing skyward

No flowers on the cosmos, but they're getting tall! And I have a few onions to speak of - though I usually just let them sit there all year. Oh and the scallions are coming along, a little slower than expected. One of the seed packets grew in very curly, whereas the other is pretty much straight like you would expect.

Sweet Basil

Thai Basil



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