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Another week, another photo

Sometimes visiting the garden is just busy-work: watering, take a few photos, and wishing it could happen a little faster. The flowering of the chives and cilantro did make it a little more interesting, but overall not much has happened in a week's time. I did notice a bunch of human & dog prints in my garden. So I put up some branchy bits along the front of the garden to keep folks and dogs from wandering in from the wrong locations. The weeds are catching up - hopefully we'll get some mulch soon.

Scallion Seedlings

New Branchy Walkway

Left Side View

Front View

Cosmos and Poppies

Cilantro Flowers

Chive Flowers

Leaving the garden


Slowly Coming Alive

Photo op date: 06/06/06

Just Planted

The garden is planted...and the weather almost feels like summer after a moody month of rain, rain, and more rain (about 25" in May - another 6.5 " the first 12 days of June!)

Garden Contents:
6 Celebrity Tomatoes, 2 Brandywines, 1 Yellow Zebra, and 1 purple something or other. Also 4 Jalepenos, 1 Sweet Basil, 1 Thai Basil, Lemongrass, Scallions (2 seed brands) Dill, Cilantro (from last year's dropped seeds, and perennial Chives, Oregano, Onion.

I also planted Poppies and Cosmos along the fence.

Out of focus onion flower

Just tiny things for now

Scallion seedlings

Chives cut back

Early surprises

Side view